FREE WEBINAR: The High ROI of Soft Skills Training

An assistant professor of economics at MIT Sloan found that soft skills training returned roughly 250 percent on investment within eight months of its conclusion. Boosts in worker productivity accounted for much of this gain, but the training also led to the enhanced ability to perform complex tasks more quickly, short-term improvements in attendance, and increased retention during the training.
What’s more, skills such as communication, professionalism, and customer service are critical to business success. In fact, CareerBuilder has reported that 77 percent of employers now believe that soft skills are equally important to hard skills in the workplace.
Watch this exclusive FREE webinar, hosted by training design and development expert Thomas Toth, and learn how to apply branching scenarios to your training program to develop your workforce’s soft skills and achieve measurable business results.
You’ll learn:

  • The benefit of using technology to teach soft skills
  • The structure and benefit of branching scenarios
  • How to use creative storyboarding techniques to create branching scenarios
  • How to program a branching scenario using Storyline 360
  • And more!

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