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BLR’s 2017–2018 Pay Budget and Variable Pay Survey

How much of an increase in pay are your employees receiving in 2017? What level of pay raise is your organization projecting for 2018? 2017 Merit Increases This year’s BLR®—Business & Legal Resources Pay Budget and Variable Pay Survey is practically a replay of last year’s survey, with 18.6% (up from 17.9% last year and […]

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IRS Adjusts, Adds Improvements to Preapproved Plan Program

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued several changes to its preapproved qualified retirement plan program, in line with its phaseout at the beginning of 2017 of much of the determination letter program for individually designed plans.

Compensation Terminology 101

Like other professionals, compensation professionals can throw around a bunch of terms and acronyms that may or may not make a lot of sense to those not in the field. And, when we’re asked what they mean, we’re sometimes stymied when providing easy to understand definitions that are clear and concise.

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Retirement Success Starts with Financial Well-Being

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Michael Jordan wasn’t talking here about retirement, and in fact, we don’t know that he ever has. But his words can certainly apply to the subject.   In today’s world, each individual must take charge of his or her own retirement. Still, there are many ways others […]

financial wellness

4 Tips for Incorporating a Financial Wellness Program in Your Company

Benefits specialists identify providing financial wellness training and tools as a key workplace trend for 2017.  “Financial wellness is hot. In the past year, the number of employers recognizing the impact financial stress has on employee productivity reached critical mass. As a result, we are seeing a big jump in the number of companies saying […]


Is 70 Becoming the New Retirement Age?

Is 70 becoming the new retirement age? According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 30% of U.S. workers ages 60 and older plan to retire at age 70 or older. Another 20% don’t believe they will ever be able to retire.

DOL Fiduciary Rule 101

Did you know that under existing laws, the person or organization who manages your company’s 401(k) is not legally obligated to provide advice that is in the best interest of the investor? If that seems crazy to you, then it perhaps will come as no surprise that this is about to be changed with the […]