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Accommodating Applicants: Wal-Mart Revamps Procedures After Hearing-Impaired Applicants Sue; How Far Do You Have To Go?

When Wal-Mart settled a disability discrimination lawsuit brought by two deaf job applicants, it didn’t just pay them lost wages and other damages. The retailer also promised to take specific steps to make it easier for hearing-impaired and other disabled workers to apply for and keep jobs. These measures provide a glimpse of what the […]

Managing Workers With Mental Disabilities: ADA May Protect Anxiety-Ridden Employees Who Can’t Interact With Others; Practical Approaches To Take

How do you deal with an employee who’s disruptive and can’t get along with co-workers? The obvious answer may be a warning or other discipline. But the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal says employees like these may have a mental disability protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and that instead of disciplining […]

News Notes: New ADA Ruling Protects Seniority Systems

Last year, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that, in most cases, an employer doesn’t have to make an exception to an established seniority system to provide an accommodation to a disabled worker. Now, the same court has clarified its original ruling, going even farther in protecting seniority policies. The case involved a disabled […]

ADA Accommodations: “100% Healed” Return-To-Work Policies Ruled Illegal

If you require a disabled employee to be completely recovered before returning to work, it’s important to reconsider that policy in light of the Ninth Circuit’s recent ruling involving Amtrak (see above). In the case, a disabled ticket agent who could no longer perform her job claimed that her supervisor wouldn’t allow her to bid […]

Reassigning Disabled Employees: New Cases Highlight When You’re Obligated-And When You’re Not; A Road Map To Follow

What if an employee becomes disabled and there’s no reasonable accommodation that would enable the person to keep working in their existing position? In this relatively common situation, according to two recent Americans with Disabilities Act cases, you may have to find the worker a new job. We’ll look at these decisions and give you […]

Americans With Disabilities Act: New Ruling Examines Standards For Refusing To Employ Workers Who May Be At Risk For Injury

An employee has a history of fainting spells, and you’re worried that during one of these episodes the person may injure herself or another worker. What are your options? Although the Americans with Disabilities Act allows you to fire or refuse to hire an employee who poses a “direct threat” to herself or others, a […]

News Notes: New Ruling Clarifies ADA Light Duty Obligations

Several injured prison guards who lost their jobs after their doctors prohibited them from having direct contact with inmates were not discriminated against under the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to a new ruling by the federal appeals court that covers California. The King County Department of Adult Detention initially accommodated the guards’ injuries by […]

Retaliation Claims: Court OKs Lawsuit By Fired Employee Who Complained About Health And Safety Problems; How To Avoid This Fast-Growing Employer Risk

Most employers understand, in principle, that it’s illegal to retaliate against a worker who in good faith complains about an unsafe or illegal condition at work. In practice, however, retaliation cases are rarely black and white. Frequently, problems arise when an already difficult employee begins griping about something you feel is irrelevant or unimportant-and the […]