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Americans With Disabilities Act Update: New Rulings Show The Law Can Protect Employees Who Aren’t “Disabled”; Even Teasing Can Trigger Coverage

When the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1992, the initial questions focused on how to reasonably accommodate disabled workers. But there is another sticky problem that has been surfacing more recently: just who is entitled to ADA protection? You might be surprised to discover that the answer is broader than you think. Even […]

Mental Disabilities And The ADA: EEOC Issues New Employer Guidelines

A worker is easily distracted and has trouble concentrating on what he’s doing. A supervisor is hostile and rude to co-workers. Another employee can’t seem to get to work on time and frequently appears groggy and withdrawn. You may think you have clear grounds for discipline or termination in situations such as these, but be […]

Disability Discrimination: Court Says Look For Alternative Jobs, Even If Workers Don’t Ask; How To Avoid Accommodation Traps

Your obligation to accommodate disabled workers may be much broader than you think. According to a new California Court of Appeal ruling, if one of your employees becomes disabled and can’t perform their job, you must suggest possible reasonable accommodations-even if the employee doesn’t ask for your assistance. What’s more, you might be required to […]