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Early Retirement Plans: Win-Win IF You Follow Rules

ERIPs are a win-win, the attorneys say, because: Employers benefit from reducing wages and other costs associated with senior workers, and avoid the negativity associated with a RIF Employees benefit because a portion of that cost savings is passed to retiring workers who can retire earlier than they otherwise might. Anderson, a member of Miller […]

NQRs Are Ready to Work

By Mark I. Schickman The HR world certainly has more than its share of acronyms, having to deal with the EEOC in order to comply with the ADA. And for an employee on leave, the interplay among the FMLA, PDA, and WC are crucial. But there’s a new acronym you need to learn because it […]

Boomers (and Their Employers) Face Work/Life Challenges

Modern medicine continues to increase life spans in the United States. Just as an example, the death rate for heart disease has dropped 60 percent in the last 50 years. The death rate for stroke has dropped even more, by 70 percent. And deaths from cancer have decreased 10 percent just in the last 15 […]

Safety Challenges in Dealing with an Aging Workforce

With Americans living longer, they are also working longer, making older workers an invaluable part of any company. They bring wisdom, knowledge, and experience to many aspects of business. They can become mentors for younger and less experienced workers. But there are certain changes that occur to both the body and mind of every individual […]

Addressing the Needs of an Aging Workforce

by Isabella Lee After falling for more than a century, the retirement age of American workers is on an upward trend. According to a recent survey, 43 percent of Americans believe they will have to work during their retirement. Many baby boomers plan on staying in the workforce past retirement for a variety of reasons: […]