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Are Your Employees’ Incentives Aligned?

Whether it’s a sports team, a group of laborers, or a work team in a corporate office, the goal of any team leader is to create a cohesive unit that functions as one. Strong leadership can help make this goal a reality. But even the strongest leader will struggle to create cohesiveness if incentives aren’t […]


How to Achieve Alignment Between Training and Company Objectives

In “Aligning Employee Training With Company Objectives,” we discussed the importance of aligning employee training with broader business goals and corporate strategy. Training with a focus on company strategy and goals ensures staff are best prepared to carry out that strategy on a tactical, day-to-day level and ensures they are focused on those goals.


The Importance of Spotting Red Flags in B2B Relationships

When many people think about revenue generation, they often think first about the process of acquiring new sales. And new sales are certainly important. But a huge amount of a company’s revenue–and the most reliable portion–comes from existing customers.


Massive Desire for Cultural Fit Among Workers

When companies look to hire new employees, there are some baseline credentials that typically must be met: education, certifications, years of experience, experience in certain specific areas, etc. By and large, these credentials can be ascertained from a résumé or online job application.


The Problem When Incentives Aren’t Aligned

Often, companies observe that they have difficulty driving new initiatives or long-standing company objectives, missions, or cultures. It seems like the company is going in one direction and the employees—or at least a subset of the employees—are going in another direction or, perhaps, standing still. Frequently, the issue isn’t one of willful disobedience but rather […]


Creating Incentives for Training Participation

Companies spend considerable amounts of money on training their employees. According to one expert, large companies with 10,000 or more employees spend $13 million per year on employee training on average; companies between 1,000 and 9,999 employees spend $3.7 million per year on average; and small companies with fewer than 1,000 employees spend $290,000.


Branding to Boost Internships

Internship programs have long been great avenues to benefit both interns and employers. They are a way for an intern to get real-world, on-the-job experience and a way for the employer to give back to the community and get an extra set of hands to help on certain projects on a temporary basis and at […]

How to Align Employee Development with Company Growth Strategy

It can be hard enough to manage the day-to-day operations of an organization some days, let alone think about growth strategy. Planning for growth involves evaluating current market conditions, analyzing the competitive environment, and strategically allocating and capitalizing on resources. Companies have a lot of resources to consider in this regard: land, machinery, buildings, intellectual […]