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Promoting and Reinforcing Company Values

Company culture is a difficult concept to define. It encompasses the sum of an organization’s values, beliefs, processes, and habits, as well as the collective behavior and personalities of managers and employees. Because of its many sources and influences, it can be difficult to change corporate culture. But one component of a company culture that […]

Quality of Hire: Finding Great Sources

Yesterday we began to explore the topic of quality of hire. Today we’ll look at finding good sources of talent and making sure you ask the right questions.

Finding Leaders in Candidates

Yesterday we looked at some tips from Andre Lavoie, CEO of ClearCompany, on how best to find the leaders among your candidates. Today we’ll look at some more guidance from Lavoie on this subject.

How to Determine Leadership Skills in Potential Candidates

Captain America was a leader from his early days as Steve Rogers. He possessed a moral center embodied by individualism and justice; he always stood up for his team, disliked the limelight, and adapted his strengths and weaknesses to delegate jobs appropriately. He had outstanding leadership skills.