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Here Comes EEOC 2013—Charges, Investigations, and Claims

Review of Charge Activity, Backlog, and Benefits Provided On November 19, 2012, the EEOC announced the publication of the FY 2012 Performance and Accountability Report. During FY 2012, the Commission again received nearly 100,000 charges, with the past 3 years involving a record number of charges in the Commission’s 47-year history. Since FY 2006, there […]

Littler’s EEOC Activity Report—No Relief for Employers

Why Pay Is an Easy-to-Litigate Issue Harassment (“He made me uncomfortable”) is vague and often tough to prove, and discrimination (“You didn’t hire me because I am a member of a protected class”) is also hard to prove. But with pay issues —it’s there in dollars and cents for the agency rep or a jury […]