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Solo Practitioner’s Assistant Wins Sexual Harassment Suit

An attorney with a solo legal practice got what was coming to him when his legal assistant finally sued him after years of relentless and horrific mistreatment. She was awarded almost $200,000 in damages. You’re unlikely to feel any sympathy for the attorney, but you can try to learn a thing or two from his […]


‘KISS’ Flashy Résumé Fonts and Graphics Goodbye!

If the headline has you singing “Rock and Roll All Nite,” our apologies! We aren’t talking about the 70’s rock legends Kiss; we’re talking about the old adage “Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS).” And again, our apologies if we offended you—we were just trying to drive the point home that sometimes, simplicity is more than […]

Train Supervisors to Make the Right Decisions

We want our supervisors to manage and participate, but there are several circumstances in which they must step aside, says Attorney Mark Schickman. Schickman, who is a partner with Freeland Cooper & Foreman, LLP in San Francisco, offered his training tips at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR® and HR Hero®. When the Supervisor Is […]

Pretty or plain? What matters when employers evaluate jobseekers?

Tired of struggling over the hurdles to successful hiring, always combing through applications in search of that impeccably capable candidate? What if it were as simple as checking a website with all the unqualified slackers already vetted out? That perfect site may not exist, but if it’s physical beauty you value as much or more […]

Dress Codes at Work

Workplace Dress Codes and Employment Law

Because styles and new thinking about what’s acceptable attire in the workplace are ever changing, HR professionals continue to struggle with dress codes. Expectations of professional appearance differ among, and even, within professions. Some HR pros have found that allowing supervisors or department heads the ability to establish and enforce dress codes works better than […]