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Jobseeker Reveals How to Get Past Recruiting Bots

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are a great resource for everyone involved in the hiring process … except, maybe, the jobseekers themselves. Could you be passing over great talent because your “recruiting bots” overlooked something in a candidate’s résumé?

Don’t Discount Degree-Less Candidates Just Yet!

As you know, it’s really tough to find great talent right now. In a super tight labor market, the old ways of hiring no longer hack it. Danny Iny—author of Leveraged Learning: How the Disruption of Education Helps Lifelong Learners and Experts with Something to Teach—offers eight tips to improve your chances of finding a […]

What Do College Students Look For in a Company?

Getting college students to work for your company requires a different touch and a different strategy. Today, Jennifer Rutt presents the results of an AfterCollege survey that seeks to answer what exactly college students look for when they go on the market. At the time of the survey, Jennifer Rutt was AfterCollege’s senior director of […]

Trending Recruiting Practices: Video Interviewing

In yesterday’s Advisor we learned how more than ever, companies are relying on video interviews during some portion of the hiring process. Today we’ll see what kinds of video interviewing strategies and technologies are available. Article by Dave Imbrogno, President, ADP® National Account Services HCM Technology As the Internet becomes a more central part of […]

Making the Most of Video Interviews

Yesterday’s Advisor explored the increasing use of video interviewing as part of the recruiting process. Today we’ll discuss some of the technologies available for companies that want to begin using video interviewing as well as some of the best video interviewing strategies. By Dave Imbrogno, president, ADP® National Account Services HCM Technology As the Internet […]