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How Training Can Help New Supervisors

The information in this issue is adapted from the Ask the Trainer feature on BLR’s HR.BLR.com®. The training question is, “How can HR help newly promoted supervisors and managers make a smooth transition from coworker to supervisor?” Here is how our training expert responded: “The first thing is to figure out how to convey your […]

Do Your Supervisors Need “Back-to-Basics” Training?

The information in this issue is adapted from the Ask the Trainer feature on BLR’s HR.BLR.com®. The training question is, “How can back-to-basics training help supervisors develop a proactive, hands-on approach?” Here is how our training expert responded: Since many supervisors don’t receive training in basic supervisory skills, they tend to manage employees only when […]

Ask the Trainer: Lean Six Sigma

A: Whether your company hires a third-party vendor to provide training on Lean Six Sigma or tackles training in-house, there are a few factors that will help ensure training success, says Jason Piatt, president of Praestar Consulting (www.praestar-consulting.com). First, he recommends finding an executive who will act as a champion of the Lean Six Sigma […]

Ask the Trainer: Physical Space

A: Content physical space where training takes place can influence how effective training is; yet many trainers do not take that into consideration when designing and delivering training, says Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D., coach, speaker, and author (www.icoachidesign.com). Ideally, trainers should know during the design phase where the training will occur and how many learners will […]

Ask the Trainer: Reinforcement and Recognition

A: Content and delivery are not necessarily to blame when training fails to drive long-lasting behavioral change. More often, the blame rests with a lack of reinforcement back on the job, says Mike Ryan, senior vice president of Marketing and Strategy for Madison Performance Group (MadisonPG.com). “Training is a key business imperative, but the long-term […]

Ask the Trainer: Language Learning

A: In today’s multicultural workplace and economy, it is important for many employees to become multilingual. With companies of all sizes connecting with colleagues and clients across the globe via Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, language training is playing an increasingly important role, says Michael Schutzler, CEO of Livemocha (www.livemocha.com), which describes itself as the […]

Ask the Trainer: Storytelling During Training

A:  Stories help learners remember key points from training sessions, reinforce the content, and help new trainers feel more poised and comfortable, says Mark Satterfield, founder and CEO of Gentle Rain Marketing, LLC (www.GentleRainMarketing.com), and author of Unique Sales Stories: How to Persuade Others Through the Power of Stories. “People remember stories,” he says. “People are […]

Ask the Trainer: Weekend Training

A: According to BLR legal editors, there is no federal law that would prohibit an employer from requiring an exempt employee to attend a training session over a weekend, especially where the training is necessary for the employee to perform the job. However, the company should consider any union contract, individual employment contract, or policy […]