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Many Arizona state employees become “at will”

by Tammy Binford Most new state government workers in Arizona soon will be at-will employees thanks to a new law overhauling the state personnel system that goes into effect September 29. The new law consolidates nine different personnel systems in the executive branch and converts new hires, attorneys, supervisors, and several other high-level employees to […]

At-Will Employment: Employer’s Dream or Toothless Tiger?

The old saying goes that the devil is in the details. When considering the doctrine of at-will employment, it may be more correct to say the answers are in the details. But, that doesn’t mean some of those details aren’t a bit devilish to decipher. HR professionals often struggle with termination decisions. The decision is […]

Packers Necktie Gets Salesman Punted from Chicago-Area Dealership

By Steven L. Brenneman and Brian J. Kurtz Ford and Harrison The day after the Chicago Bears’ agonizing loss (note, this is written by Illinois attorneys) to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship, John Stone decided to show off his Packers pride at work. Stone was a salesman at Webb Chevrolet in Oak […]