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Employee Fraud: Warning Signs, Deterring and Responding to It

These days it seems like you can’t pick up a newspaper or log on to the Internet without reading another story about multimillion-dollar fraud. Just when we thought we’d heard the last of Enron, Tyco, and WorldCom, along comes Bernie Madoff. But fraud isn’t a problem only for Fortune 100 companies and millionaire investors. It […]

The Facebook Generation: Social Networking and the Hiring Process

Imagine that you’re a hiring representative for your employer (in this case, a Burger King restaurant), and you’ve just discovered how to use MySpace. You decide to check the profiles of the employees who work the midnight shift. While perusing one employee’s profile, you notice a link to a video. As you click on it, […]

Understanding the Power of Employment Waivers

by Jonathan Hauer Some people are just plain trouble. Take me, for instance. I was born with two left feet and 10 thumbs. I make a bull in a china shop look graceful. I am, if you didn’t catch my oh-so-subtle hints, clumsy. You can tell this just by looking at me — and the […]

Employees Hold the Key to Employers’ Data Security

by Mark Wiletsky It has become almost commonplace to hear that a government agency or private corporation has been the victim of a data security breach. As a result, hundreds of customers’ or employees’ personal data is at risk of being used for criminal purposes such as identity theft. Approximately 70 percent of those breaches […]