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Can I Fire a Bankrupt Employee?

by Robert P. Tinnin, Jr. Q: I’m the owner of a business that sells big-ticket home furnishings. While reading the paper today, I discovered that my credit manager has filed for bankruptcy. Obviously, when the word gets around, it will really make me look like a fool! I want to fire him immediately, but a […]

The Good Black: A True Story of Race in America

Employment law attorney Michael Maslanka reviews the book The Good Black: A True Story of Race in America by Paul M. Barrett. Review follows book’s description of a real-life story of an African-American who went from motivated employee to suing his employer for employment and race discrimination. Ever wonder how a once successful and motivated […]

Law Protects Workers’ Wages When Employer Is Insolvent

by Kate McNeill of McCarthy Tetrault and Brian P. Smeenk formerly with McCarthy Tetrault Canada’s federal parliament has passed a law to protect workers when their employers become insolvent A key component of Bill C-12, passed December 14, 2007, is the creation of the Wage Earner Protection Program (WEPP). The WEPP provides statutory wage protection […]