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Predicting success is hard

by Dan Oswald How good are you at picking winners? If you’re one of the 70 million Americans who filled out a bracket for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, you probably have a sense of how hard it is to predict success. You think you’ve done your homework. You do your research, looking at win-loss […]


Wooden’s Pyramid of Success makes perfect sense in the workplace

by Dan Oswald I’ve been accused of too often writing about sports in this blog. I guess that’s because sports have been such a big part of my life as a participant, coach, and spectator—but also because I subscribe to the idea that sports imitate life. In sports, as in life, there is success and […]


Rutgers lesson: Don’t double dribble your way through key decisions

by Michael P. Maslanka With the Final Four on Saturday and the NCAA national championship game on Monday night, basketball has been much in the news. And not far behind those stories is the unfolding saga of the Rutgers basketball program. Two articles by  The  New York Times writers Kate Zernike and Steve Eder, “Rutgers Tries […]


A Playbook for Success from Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Last Thursday night, the Duke men’s basketball team lost its game in the NCAA tournament to the Arizona Wildcats, ending the Blue Devils’ season. Had Duke been able to win the game, its coach, Mike Krzyzewski, would have equaled Bobby Knight’s record for the most victories in college basketball history. Instead, Krzyzewski went home one […]


Experience: What You Get When You Don’t Get What You Want

I saw a sign the other day that read, “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.” It sounded pretty true to me. Sure, you get experience when you succeed, but if you think about it, the truly valuable lessons are learned when we don’t get what we want. This short […]