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Legislation Update: Governor Signs New Bills On Unemployment Claims And Health Coverage; What You Need To Know

Governor Wilson recently approved two laws, one of which will make it easier for smaller employers to offer health benefits to part-time workers, and the other which changes the unemployment insurance rules to allow benefits to employees who are victims of domestic violence. Both measures take effect on January 1, 1999. Here are the key […]

Terminating Employees: Jury Orders Employer To Pay $28 Million To Worker Fired For Lodging EEOC Complaint; How To Manage A High-Risk Discharge

Suppose you decide to terminate an employee as part of a reduction in force. You treat the worker the same as others selected for layoff and offer the same severance benefits. But the person turns around and sues, claiming the real reason you fired him was to retaliate for a discrimination claim he filed with […]

News Notes: Survey Flags Hot New Employee Benefit Choices

A recent survey of employers by the human resources consulting firm Hewitt Associates indicates that employees are increasingly interested in non-traditional and flexible benefits that they can pick and choose to suit their particular needs, including retirement and work/family concerns. And employers, to stay competitive in attracting the best talent, are planning to make more […]

Terminating Older Workers: New Regulations Clarify Rules For Waivers Of Age Bias Claims; Do Your Releases Pass The Test?

When you ask an employee 40 years old or over to sign a severance agreement that includes a release of potential age discrimination claims, there’s an array of strict requirements that must be met. For many employers, figuring out how to comply with these rules has been confusing-especially in cases of downsizing through group terminations […]

Termination Agreements: Recent Case Says Commonly Used Language Exposes Employers To New Risks

When you ask an employee to sign an employment termination agreement in exchange for severance benefits or other payments, you probably include language making clear that the agreement supersedes any prior understandings there may have been between you and the employee. But a new case suggests this commonly used provision has some significant hidden risks—and […]

News Notes: Mental Health Parity Rules Begin

A new federal law now in effect says that if you offer mental health benefits, they must have the same aggregate lifetime and annual limits as medical benefits. The law applies to employers with 50 or more employees. There’s an exemption for employerswho can show the parity requirements will increase their costsby more than 1%. […]

News Notes: Victims Of Workplace Violence Entitled To Workers’ Comp Notice

A new California law requires you to give employees who are victims of a crime at work written notice informing them they are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for their injuries, including psychiatric problems. The notice generally must be provided within one working day of the crime and delivered personally or by first-class mail.