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Workers and grief: What HR needs to consider when employees suffer loss

Knowing what to do when someone suffers the loss of a loved one isn’t easy, especially in the workplace, where some people are open about personal relationships and others strive for separation between their work and personal lives. But no matter an employee’s thinking, certain situations—particularly a death in the family—make explanations at work necessary. […]


Ask the Expert: How Much Bereavement Leave Should We Offer?

Is there benchmarking available for time off for bereavement/bereavement leave? There is no law requiring it, but most employers provide paid time off to employees when there is a death in the employee’s immediate family. Employers may set whatever bereavement leave policy they want. The policy should apply to all employees uniformly and be enforced […]


New Oregon law gives employees bereavement leave

by Calvin Keith Oregon will become the first state in the nation to require employers to provide bereavement leave when House Bill 2950 takes effect January 1. The new law allows for bereavement leave under the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA). The law applies to any employer with 25 or more employees in Oregon. Any […]