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Video Recruiting: Recruit with Style

A recent Aberdeen Report states that 61% of companies were more likely to use video recruiting during their onboarding and hiring process over other methods. Today we’ll learn what makes video interviewing the way of the future. Organizations are implementing video interviewing to reduce time-to-hire, to save money on the recruiting process, and to more […]

How to Maintain Useful Telecommuting

Yesterday’s Advisor explored some of the best practices HR can employ to ensure that telecommuting is effective and productive. Today, we present more tips on how to keep your telecommuters functional and aboveboard. Telecommuting is increasingly common in all manner of industries. Making sure that your policies serve both your employees and the company fairly […]

Keeping Telecommuting Productive and Aboveboard

Telecommuting is quickly growing as a viable means to improve flexibility for employees while reducing costs for employers. If your business opts to allow it, it’s important to think through how best to implement it to ensure the success of the program. Here are some best practices to consider when implementing a telecommuting program in […]

Why Your Career Page Isn’t All That

In yesterday’s Advisor we spoke with Dr. John Sullivan—author, professor, corporate speaker, and advisor—about employment branding topics like alumni programs and internal and external brand development. Today we’ll hear more from him on talent pipelines, and the ever-decreasing value of your website’s job page. Q: Could you share some best practices for maintaining a pipeline […]

Keep Them on the Hook with Alumni Programs

We recently discussed employment branding with professor, corporate speaker, author, and advisor Dr. John Sullivan. Today we hear from him on alumni programs and external brand development. Q: In regards to alumni networks, how should the group be limited to those you know love your company? Some workers leave because they were involuntarily terminated, or […]