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Trump puts final nail in the coffin: Blacklisting rule ‘gone forever’

President Donald Trump has signed a resolution voiding an Obama-era regulation that would have required federal contractors to disclose employment law violations to agencies that award contracts. His signature was the final step in the repeal process. “It was the stake through the heart of the blacklisting regs,” according to H. Juanita Beecher, of counsel […]


Federal contractors hail Congress’s decision to kill ‘blacklisting’ rule

On March 6, Congress voted to repeal a regulation requiring federal contractors to report employment law violations to agencies that award contracts. President Donald Trump is expected to approve the resolution. The move was expected but is still a great relief to all federal contractors, according to Burton J. Fishman, senior counsel with Fortney & […]


News Notes: Contractor Responsibility Rule Revoked

The Bush administration has thrown out a Clinton-era rule governing contractor responsibility. The rule had banned the award of federal government contracts to businesses that had criminal or civil violations of federal labor and employment, safety, environmental, tax, antitrust or consumer protection laws in the preceding three years. Enforcement of the rule—which the business community […]