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How I Sold Flex to Management

DeVry’s CEO was skeptical, says Nancy Johnson, Sr. Director Talent Management, but most managers were supportive, and ultimately she did sell management on flex.  Johnson shared her flex tips at World at Work’s Total Rewards conference held recently in San Diego.  How Johnson Sold Flex as a Business Strategy  First of all, flexibility had been […]

9 Ways to Maximize Comp in Tough Times

Here’s are Wudyka’s 9 top tips for 2011:  1. Reexamine Your Pay Program  The bad economy has produced a tremendous opportunity for us to improve our compensation plans, Wudyka says. For example, consider gainsharing, he suggests. It only pays out when company does better.  2. Reallocate Comp Dollars  Re-examine the way that you allocate comp […]

Pay Never Goes Down? Another Bad Habit

Carroll is Director of Professional Services and Education at Payscale, Inc.; Lee is Director of Qualitative Analytics. Their remarks came at a recent webinar hosted by WorldatWork. Bad Habit #4. Pay Never Goes Down [Go here for Bad Habits #1, #2, and #3.] Lots of organizations just continue to move things upward, both ranges and […]

The 4 ‘Sticky Wickets’ of Sales Comp—Quotas, Cycles, Orders, Push

I get lots of questions on sales compensation,” says consultant David Cichelli, “but the number one sticky wicket is always quotas, closely followed by long sales cycles, and mega orders.” Cichelli, who is Sr. Vice President at The Alexander Group, offered his tips at World at Work’s Total Rewards conference held recently in San Diego. […]

Sales Comp challenge — Taming the End-of-Period Push

[Go here for sticky wickets #1-#3.] The problem: Sales peak at the end of each period. Sales Comp Impact: Sales personnel wait for period end push Order management and fulfillment are unduly taxed Margins evaporate Customers may be lost Source of the Problem: The problem results from two primary factors: Period end order push by […]

Handling Weather-Related Work and Pay Issues

Yesterday, we got some valuable workplace emergency preparedness tips courtesy of Randy DeVaul, safety expert and BLR webinar moderator. Today, a few more suggestions on inspections and training, as well as an introduction to a webinar that no well-prepared employer will want to miss.

Emergencies: Preparing for the Unpredictable

Recent weather disasters have made it abundantly clear that no company, no matter how large or small and no matter the location, is safe from unexpected crises. Tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, floods…the list is lengthy, and no one is invulnerable.