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Friday Fun: Lawyers Acting Silly

We’ve just uploaded the video footage of our “ERI Players” skit – A Day in the Life of HR – from November’s California Employment Law Update conference in San Francisco. The “ERI Players” are lawyers and HR experts who spoke at the conference, joined by John Young, a BLR employee – the skit covers a […]

Do Aggressive Decisions Save Money?

Many employers are now making the unhappy discovery that their finance and operations people made aggressive exempt-status and other wage and hour-related determinations that are coming back to haunt their organizations in the form of big wage and hour lawsuits and payouts. Attorney Kurt A. Franklin of the San Francisco office of Hanson Bridgett, LLP, […]

The 3 Rules You Should Never Break When Writing Job Descriptions

Writing job descriptions is like going to the dentist. You know you need to do it, and you know it’s good for you, but it’s just no fun. Worse still, if you screw it up (the job descriptions, that is—not the dentist’s visit), you can put your organization at risk for costly job misclassification challenges—or […]

What to Say— FMLA Pattern and Intermittent Absences

By CED Editor Stephen D. Bruce, PHR In yesterday’s Daily, we heard Paul Falcone’s advice on just what to say when employees say “It’s off the record.” Today, it’s what to say for excessive absenteeism and FMLA abuse, plus an introduction to an extraordinary 10-minutes-at-a-time training program.

How To Keep Up with California Employment Law

Yesterday’s CED dealt with whether employment laws that require notice to employees about their wage and hour, safety, and other protections also require that this information be provided in other languages if you have non-English-speaking workers.