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Employee Confidence in the Economy Fuels Job Search

Data shows employees’ confidence in business conditions reached a seven-year high in 4Q 2017, as well as an increase in the percentage of employees looking for positions outside their organization.

Training Translates into Effective Performance Management

Twenty-six percent of participants in a recent survey provide training for performance evaluators on an annual basis, and approximately 10 percent do so more frequently. How can this form of training increase the effectiveness of your company’s performance management program?

The Vast Majority of Employees Want for Career Opportunities

According to the Corporate Executive Board Company (CEB), a best practice insight and technology company, today’s flat organizational structures mean employees spend more time at each job level—roughly 3 more years than they did in 2010. This stalled progression has caused 70% of employees to be dissatisfied with future career opportunities, leading to potentially massive […]