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Check Over This Employee Handbook Checklist

Yesterday, attorney Marc Jacuzzi laid out pitfalls in employee handbook writing, and the challenges handbooks and at-will statements may face. Jacuzzi is a shareholder at Simpson, Garrity, Innes & Jacuzzi, P.C., in South San Francisco. Today, Jacuzzi offers his detailed handbook checklist―compare it against your handbook to see how you stack up.

More Employee Handbook FAQs

Yesterday, attorney Adam Keating took on some common employer questions about employee handbooks. Today, more Q&A—plus an introduction to a must-have California-specific collection of employee handbook policies—fully updated for 2013!

Ignoring the Basics Can Lead to HR Failures

In yesterday’s CED, we offered tips for managing the basics of HR legal issues. Today, the rest of the tips and an introduction to a California-specific resource for your employee handbook policies. Once again, a tip of the CED hat to attorneys John K. Skousen and Christopher J. Boman, partners at the Irvine office of employment law […]

Should Off-Site Employees Verify Their Own Time Records?

Yesterday, we looked at four of attorney Paul Lopez’s five recommended questions for avoiding problems due to overtime-based lawsuits. Today, our analysis of the fifth question—plus an introduction to a resource that provides you with the California-specific wage/hour handbook policies you need.