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(Hurricane) Irene Shares Her Favorite Last-minute Business Continuity Steps

Businesses are going to want to do more than just make sure the lights are turned out when they leave the office this weekend. In anticipation of Hurricane Irene, people all over the East Coast are stocking up on supplies, putting fresh batteries into flashlights and radios, filling up vehicles with gas, moving objects inside […]

Keeping Your Company Afloat after Flood, Oil Spill, Hurricane, or Terrorism

This year’s “perfect storm” of events — from terrorism in Times Square to the dreaded 1,000-year flood in Tennessee to the devastating oil spill off the Gulf Coast — should again remind employers of the need to establish a crisis management and business continuity plan (CMBCP). The time for corporate complacency is long gone. Workplace […]

Disaster and Recovery in Tennessee

Last weekend, we experienced one of the worst disasters ever to hit Middle Tennessee as historic floods ravaged the state. M. Lee Smith Publishers, the company that produces HR Hero and other HR products including the state Employment Law Letters, is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. On May 1 and 2, record […]