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Employment Law Tip: Driving Safety Quiz

If you have employees who drive, even occasionally, as part of their jobs, it’s important to provide training in motor vehicle safety. Here’s a quick quiz you can administer and discuss with employees to drive home some key road safety points. (The answer key follows the quiz.)

Safety: 10 Guidelines For Using Cell Phones While Driving

It’s important to instruct employees who make work-related phone calls from their automobiles how to use the phones safely to avoid causing potentially tragic accidents. Here are some safety guidelines recommended by the American Automobile Association and the California Highway Patrol:

Wrongful Discharge: Why Four Workers Fired For Eating Candy On The Job Won $20 Million; Avoiding Termination Mistakes

You fire an employee for breaking a company rule. This common event may not seem risky, but a recent verdict shows that how you handle a termination can often get you in more trouble than the firing itself. In fact, Wal-Mart is now facing a whopping $20 million verdict partly because of how it discharged […]

Hostile Workplace: When Does Vulgarity Cross The Line?

It’s not always easy to know when inappropriate behavior becomes illegal harassment. While a single offensive comment alone may not be enough to justify a claim, there isn’t always a clearcut test for harassment. In the accompanying story beginning on page 1, the jury found that racial harassment had occurred, but the results in similar […]

News Notes: Time To Prepare And Post OSHA Form 200

During the month of February each year, most public and private employers are required to post OSHA Form 200 in a conspicuous place. This ‘Log and Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses’ calls for details about on-the-job injuries and illnesses that occurred between January 1 and December 31 of the preceding year. Unless you’re in […]

Criminal Records of Applicants and Employees: New Case Points Out Danger of Asking About Arrests and Convictions; What You Can and Can’t Ask About Criminal Records

What You Can and Can’t Ask About Criminal Records As the accompanying story highlights, you could be hit with big damages for asking illegal questions about a person’s criminal record. To help you steer clear of trouble, the following language can easily be modified for use in your application forms or when interviewing prospective or […]