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More Employee Handbook FAQs

Yesterday, attorney Adam Keating took on some common employer questions about employee handbooks. Today, more Q&A—plus an introduction to a must-have California-specific collection of employee handbook policies—fully updated for 2013!

Ignoring the Basics Can Lead to HR Failures

In yesterday’s CED, we offered tips for managing the basics of HR legal issues. Today, the rest of the tips and an introduction to a California-specific resource for your employee handbook policies. Once again, a tip of the CED hat to attorneys John K. Skousen and Christopher J. Boman, partners at the Irvine office of employment law […]

Supreme Court Addresses Whether State Prevailing Wage Law Applies to Charter Cities

Yesterday, we looked at a recent case addressing the question of whether wage rates on public works projects are considered a “municipal affair” and not subject to California’s prevailing wage law. Today, the California Supreme Court’s ruling on the issue—plus a newly updated wage/hour resource specifically for California employers.

Must Charter Cities Comply with California Prevailing Wage Law?

Eighty-one years ago, California passed a law requiring contractors on “public works” projects to pay the general prevailing rate of wages to all workers. One year later, the California Supreme Court determined that wage rates for workers on locally funded public works projects are a “municipal affair” and not subject to California’s prevailing wage law.

Does California Law Protect Partners Who Report Employee Harassment?

A California trial court recently held that a partner doesn’t have the right to file a claim for retaliation for reporting sexual harassment of employees under the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). That decision was appealed. But a California appeals court reinstated the case; read on to find out more.

Conducting an Exemption Audit in California: Complying With Overtime and Other Wage-Hour Laws

By Allen Kato, Fenwick & West LLP Why should you conduct an exemption audit in California? Employee claims alleging they are misclassified as exempt from overtime (brought as individual claims or class-action lawsuits) are the lawsuit of the day. For example, in March 2012, a California court approved a $35 million settlement by Oracle involving […]

Prop 8 Unconstitutional, For Now

By Mark I. Schickman The legal status of gay marriage in California has been a rollercoaster ride. First, the California Supreme Court held that a ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. Then California passed Proposition 8, writing a ban on gay marriage into the California Constitution — and the California Supreme Court bowed to that […]