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Video: ‘On-Call’ and ‘Show-Up’ Pay Issues Create Backlash of Legislation & Litigation

Variable work scheduling practices such as call-in shifts and on-call arrangements create some gray areas in terms of what is considered “work” time that therefore needs to be compensated.  As a result of these gray areas, as well as complaints from employees who have variable work schedules, various pieces of legislation have been introduced—and litigation […]

‘On-Call’ and ‘Call-In’ Work Schedules: Advantages and Disadvantages for Employers (Video)

What are the benefits for employers for instituting variable work schedules for their employees such as call-in shifts and on-call status?  How do these schedules work?  Who uses them?  And why have some major employers recently abandoned such practices? Speaking to an audience of HR professionals and employers at BLR’s Advanced Employment Law Symposium (AEIS), […]