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Managing the end to mandatory retirement

by Keri Bennett As we reported previously, the Canadian federal government is about to join most of the provinces in making mandatory retirement, for the most part, unlawful. That deadline is fast approaching – December 15, 2012. What can employers do until then? According to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, very little. Human Rights Commission […]


Accommodation Doesn’t Prevent Corporate Reorganization

By Jennifer Shepherd and Gulu Punia It’s a common question. A Canadian employer is restructuring and an absent employee is affected. Can the employer fire the employee if he or she is on disability or other leave? A recent Federal Court of Canada decision, Tutty v. MTS Allstream Inc., has confirmed that the answer is […]


Drug and Alcohol Testing – What’s Permitted in the Canadian Workplace

By Hadiya Roderique Last year we reported on a case where a Canadian employer was ordered to reinstate an employee who had tested positive for marijuana following a verbal altercation with his employer. Why? Because drug addiction is considered a disability in Canada. And individuals who suffer from addiction are protected from discrimination under human […]