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How to Provide a Satisfying Work Experience

In a previous post, we discussed that when companies value and actively cultivate high employee morale, they tend to outperform their competition by 20%. Today, we’ll offer several tips and strategies on how to improve employee morale and candidate experience in your organization by first getting to know your candidates and employees better.

Employee Satisfaction Has Concrete Results for Business Performance

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of employee satisfaction in recruitment and retention efforts. Turnover and hiring are expensive, and companies can’t afford to keep losing their staff over low levels of satisfaction. However, there is a strong argument in favor of promoting employee satisfaction on the flip side as well.


Making Connections: 4 Ways to Adapt Hiring Methods to Candidate Preferences

With a strengthening global economy, we know employers are more optimistic about hiring, yet technology and changing skills needs are leaving roles unfilled. Forty-five percent of employers globally face difficulty filling open roles, creating new challenges to attract and recruit talent.