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A Compensation Philosophy That Works Across Generations

Yesterday, we started to look at some of Payscale’s compensation recommendations for workers at all stages of their careers, taken from their report Compensation Challenges for a Multi-Generational Workforce. Today, the rest of the list.

The Aging (?!) Millennials: How to Customize Their Compensation

While many of us continue to think of Millennials as the young whippersnappers of the office, the oldest of them are now 35 (and, no, this is no April Fools’ joke!). This may come as something of a shock—even setting aside the issue of how old this makes the rest of us feel. It also […]

E-Learning Out, Social Learning In at HP

In the 90s, we all went to e-learning, says River Software’s Randy Emelo, but today, it’s all about micro-learning—bite-sized chunks of learning, the shorter the better. You tear it apart, then talk about what you are doing—that’s social learning.

Get Hired Based on Your Career Selfie

What’s worse, trying to sum up your work history in 200 characters or less, or getting hired—or not hired—based on your looks? Pitman Training has now developed an app that pushes the envelope in social media and career development.


Succession Planning—Love Them or Lose Them

Succession planning is vital to ensuring that key roles stay filled with qualified, talented individuals. This is especially of importance for roles deemed critical to the success of the organization. If a key role becomes vacant without a plan to fill it, this gap can negatively impact an organization’s bottom line. If this happens too […]

Appraisals—Worth Doing Right (Yes, It’s Possible)

In a yesterday’s Advisor, BLR Legal Editor Holly Jones, JD, explored why the performance review has become so unpopular. Today, her practical advice on making your performance reviews more meaningful, plus an introduction to a unique guide just for smaller—or even one-person—HR departments. No Surprises, Please One of the most-cited problems with performance appraisals is […]

Lifelong Learning: It’s Part of Your Job Description

By Rubens Pessanha Filho, PMP, GPHR, HRMP By adopting a learning mindset and cultivating a passion for knowledge, HR professionals can turn learning into play on the path to continued development, according to Rubens Pessanha Filho, PMP, GPHR, HRMP. In this guest post reprinted with permission of the HR Certification Institute, Filho discusses continued development […]

12 steps to implementing an effective job rotation program

Have you been considering implementing a job rotation program but don’t know how to get started? Job rotation programs can be a great way to reduce the cost of turnover and improve customer loyalty. Having a good plan in place is a good place to start. In a recent CER webinar titled “Job Rotation Programs: […]

Why are Job Descriptions so Important?

Do you have up-to-date job descriptions? Having these can be vital for your company. Accurate, up-to-date job descriptions not only help you to find the best candidates for vacant roles, but they also help you to evaluate current employees. In a BLR bootcamp titled “Comp 101 Bootcamp: How to Effectively Develop Competitive Pay Plans for […]

How To Effectively Manage Base Compensation with Pay Grades

In today’s Advisor, Rizzuti, who is a principal at PHR Compensation Resources, Inc. in Upper Saddle River, NJ, shares her tips for managing base pay in low budget times. Here are the current compensation mindset issues we’re seeing, says Rizzuti: Coming out of it. All of us have been dealing with a difficult environment, Rizzuti […]