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Frequently Overlooked Topics in Employee Training

Training and development teams have improved exponentially in recent years, in large part because organizations increasingly see the value of employee training and development and have increasingly allocated funding to support those efforts. While those tasked with training and development have made great strides, there’s still work to do because of the ever-changing nature of […]

Want to be Top Talent: Be a Maverick!

Generally speaking, sequels aren’t great. They always try to live up to the precedent set by the film that came before it, often falling short. The best sequels avoid that dangerous pitfall by changing the game. They look to the new as opposed to living in the past- which is why I liked the recently […]

Managing, Mentoring, and Career-Pathing in the Emerging Hybrid Workplace: What You Need to Know

HR departments took the lead in restructuring the workplace during the height of the pandemic. Now that employees are slowly returning to the office, this evolution will only continue. COVID has served as a forcing function for reshaping the way employees conduct their day-to-day work and how they approach career development, not to mention the […]

Top 7 Training Daily Advisor Articles: Leadership Edition

What Makes an Effective Leader? Leadership is an essential skill for all supervisors and managers. Truly successful supervisors and managers don’t “boss” their employees, they lead them. It’s through effective leadership that employees are motivated to perform at their best. It’s through effective leadership that goals are achieved and your department meets productivity, quality, service, […]

Leadership Training Creates Competitive Advantage, Career Paths

The company’s CEO believes that, ideally, Convergys “leaders should spend 50 percent of their time coaching employees for performance,” Handy says. Consistent with that philosophy, the company piloted a third leadership program this spring. The day-long Leader as Coach program is geared toward managers at the director level and above. If you are looking for […]