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News Flash: Southern California Grocery Chain Hit With $5.2 Million Sex Bias Verdict

An Orange County jury has ordered Vons Cos. to pay $5.2million in punitive and compensatory damages to a female manager for sex discrimination. Lynne Rayburn, a 25-year employee, was demoted from her district manager position and replaced with a male worker. Vons asserted the demotion was due to poor performance. But Rayburn claims she was […]

Preventing Workplace Lawsuits: Johnson And Johnson To Pay Multimillion-Dollar Retaliation Verdict

Jennifer Passantino spent 18 years rising through the ranks at a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, eventually becoming one of its most successful female managers. But all that changed after she complained about sex discrimination. Suddenly she was excluded from important meetings, had her job responsibilities transferred to other employees and was repeatedly passed over for […]

Avoiding Retaliation Claims: Why Employee Who Couldn’t Prove Discrimination Still Won $500,000

Francis Iwekaogwu complained for years that he was being discriminated against because of his race, threatening on more than one occasion to file a formal charge against his employer. When he finally sued and went to trial, he didn¹t win any damages for race bias. But it turned out that the jury was much more […]