Terminations: What Should We Cover When We Conduct a Termination Meeting to Fire a Poor Performer?

One of our employees isn’t working out. His sales have been consistently low, he has trouble meeting deadlines, and he doesn’t interact well with clients. We’ve decided to let him go. What should we cover when we meet with him? Thank you. — Maryanne P., Santa Monica   Mishandling a termination meeting could lead to […]

Seniority: Do We Have to Bend Our Strict Seniority System to Offer a Reasonable Accommodation?

We have a strict seniority system. Do we have to bump one of our workers to give another employee a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act? — Anonymous    How To Survive an Employee Lawsuit: 10 Tips for Success With lawsuits against employers becoming ever more common—and jury verdicts skyrocketing—your risk of getting […]