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Governor Vetoes Minimum Wage and Other Bills

Governor Schwarzenegger has vetoed A.B. 48, which would have boosted the minimum wage for California workers to $7.75 an hour by July 2007. In a veto message, the governor stated that he supports an increase in the minimum wage–which hasn’t been boosted since 2002–but that he isn’t in favor of legislation, like A.B. 48, that […]

Big Bias Class Action Against FedEx Moves Forward

Last week, a federal judge in San Francisco granted class-action status to a lawsuit charging that approximately 10,000 African-American and Latino employees in FedEx Corp.’s western region were discriminated against on the basis of pay, discipline, and promotions. The company’s western region covers Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, […]

Family and Medical Leave: Court Rejects Employee’s Bid for FMLA Leave to Care for Pregnant Wife; Actual Care Required

Charles Tellis, an Alaska Airlines maintenance mechanic in Seattle, told his supervisor on July 4 that he needed time off because his wife was having difficulties with her pregnancy. His supervisor suggested Tellis contact the benefits department about taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Later that evening, instead of showing up […]

Family and Medical Leave: Ruling Makes It Tougher for Employees to Prove a Serious Health Condition Entitles Them to Leave; Medical Certification Requirements

Antonina Lonicki worked as a technician in the sterile processing department of Sutter Health Central in the Sacramento area. Lonicki performed the same work duties at a second job on weekends for Kaiser Permanente. Over time, Lonicki alleged, her Sutter workload increased and became hectic and stressful. One day, when Sutter unexpectedly changed Lonicki’s shift, […]

Background Checks: New Consumer Report Rules In Effect Now; What’s Changed

Last year, Gov. Davis signed into law some controversial state consumer report rules. And now the governor has signed two new laws, A.B. 1068 and A.B. 2868, that revise the complicated consumer reporting process. The changes have taken effect immediately—and impact how you conduct workplace investigations, background checks and reference checks. Internal Background Check Rules RepealedUnder […]

News Notes: New Law Bars Use Of State Funds For Union Activities

A new law (A.B. 1889) effective Jan. 1, 2001, prohibits employers who receive state contracts worth $50,000 or more from using the funds to assist, promote or deter union organizing. Each time a contractor requests payment from the state, it must certify that it is in compliance with this restriction and it must have records […]