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FMLA: Avoiding Mistakes

FMLA administration can be cumbersome—some may feel that’s a vast understatement!— which means it is rife with opportunities for mistakes. And an FMLA mistake can have repercussions that impact both the employer and the employee(s).

Automatic Pay Increase Pros and Cons

When it comes to pay increases, nearly every organization has its own strategy. Some give only merit-based pay raises. Others give cost-of-living adjustments every year and tie the amount to an external index, like the consumer price index. Others opt for an annual pay raise that is either automatic or automatic but tied to some […]

Combating FMLA Abuse

As an employer, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave can be tricky to administer. After all, employers have competing goals: They want to meet their legal obligation to employees (and likely have a desire to help employees get through the situation they’re in, which is necessitating the leave), but they also want to […]

Ask the Expert: Medical Recertification for Employee’s Wife?

We have an employee who has been on intermittent FMLA for a long time due to his wife’s chronic health condition. May we ask for an updated medical certificate from his wife’s doctor? We are concerned that he may be misusing the system. It’s been 5 years since we obtained the first certificate of serious […]

When Can Employee Medical Examinations Be Required?

As an employer, you want to hire the best person for any job. You also want to ensure your employees are safe and that no employee compromises the safety of others. These are some of the most common reasons employers may require a medical examination: to ensure that the employee is fit for duty and […]

Ask the Expert: I’ve Got an FMLA Headache!

I have an employee who has FMLA for headaches. She said she can no longer work more than 8 hours a day. She has also requested to be changed to a different shift and department, saying that is easier on her eyes/for her headaches. We do not have any openings on the shift she requested. […]

Ask the Expert: OK to Follow FMLA, but Not State Leave Law?

My organization has its corporate headquarters in Connecticut and has 50 employees. However, the total company size is much larger (over 700 employees) with locations in several states. Do we have the option of not following the Connecticut leave law because we fall below the 75 employee threshold for coverage?