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Talking Turnover with Top Management

Start with this simple distribution chart, says Ahlrichs, who is owner of ExpertSpeaks, and a consultant and business developer for Gregory & Appel. Distribution of Producers Which ones do you really want to keep? If we agree that we want to keep the top 16%, says Ahlrich, then we need to address turnover. That means […]

Executive Compensation: Who Gets ‘Say on Pay’?

How these companies respond could have a direct impact on their compensation administration in the future because regulators will provide guidelines that prohibit incentive compensation that encourages inappropriate risks (by providing excessive compensation) or that could lead to material financial loss. Legislation Affecting Executive Compensation: What is Say on Pay? Say on Pay "requires a […]

Comp Thinking That Pleases the CFO and the CEO

Rather than basing promotions and their associated salary increases on acquired knowledge and certifications, says Epps, who is managing partner of EP2S Compensation Solutions, LLC, base them on competencies. A competency-based job evaluation system is a method of structuring and evaluating broadly defined jobs based on a demonstrated level of job complexity and job accountability, […]

Let’s Eliminate Base Pay Merit Increases

Rubino, who is founder and president of Rubino Consulting Services in Pound Ridge, New York, offered his suggestions at the 64th SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition, held recently in Atlanta, Georgia. Rubino asked his audience of HR managers how many of them had merit increase base salary systems. Most hands went up. Then he asked, […]

It Takes Three—Creative Type, Business Type, and ?

Now, I’m not sure you actually need three people, but you definitely need all three skill sets in the top people in the company, says Oswald, CEO of BLR, who offered his thoughts on the three key management skills in a recent edition of The Oswald Letter. As I recall, Oswald says, the argument went […]

Metrics: 2 Common Errors That Make Them Worthless

Metrics guru Dr. John Sullivan says that human resources managers make two key mistakes when using metrics. Sullivan is a metrics consultant and professor of management at San Francisco State University. Mistake #1: Metrics in a Vacuum The first mistake, says Sullivan, blogging on www.ere.net, is that comp/HR managers tend to develop and implement metrics […]

Checklist for Drafting Executives’ Contracts

by Peter M. Panken Drafting executive employment contracts requires attention to myriad details. The higher up the executive, the more likely there will be detailed negotiation of the terms. And when negotiating with an incoming CEO, CIO, or CFO, an HR executive is faced with tough negotiations with a future boss. Keep up with the […]