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5 Ways Warby Parker Focuses on the Employee Life Cycle

There’s a difference between a job and a career. Even within an organization, employees want to have opportunities for growth, development, and career advancement. Getting in at the ground level of a business seems, to many, like a great opportunity to do just that. Unfortunately, in an article for First Round Review, the authors argue […]


Professionalism: Teaching the Basics

Let’s face it, some people simply do not come across as professional. They may have the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective at their jobs, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to put them in front of a customer. Fortunately, professionalism is something that is learned and, therefore, can be taught.


AT&T’s Billion Dollar Retraining Strategy

In a dynamic and global marketplace, companies need to be quick and agile to adapt to changing technologies, market preferences, and regulatory environments. This is perhaps nowhere truer than in technologically driven industries. And change doesn’t just mean the leadership adapting new strategies to run the company. It also means ensuring its workforce has the […]

5 Ways to Leverage Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

In a couple of previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We’ve talked about understanding and communicating with diverse markets, discovering new insights, and the importance of diversity and inclusion to your employees. We know it’s important. Now what? Here, we look at five strategies to promote diversity and […]

How to Use Technology to Drive Organizational Culture

Corporate culture, or organizational culture, is notoriously difficult to change. The term refers to the ingrained values, practices, and essence of a company. The concept can take many dimensions: focus on timeliness, rigidity of corporate hierarchy, office politics, etc. At the same time, the relatively independent influence of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of employees can […]