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Who Packs Your Parachutes?

Charles Plumb was a Navy jet pilot. On his 76th combat mission, he was shot down. He was able to get out of the plane, parachuting into enemy territory. Plumb was captured and spent six years as a prisoner of war. He survived the POW camp and now lectures on the lessons he learned from […]

Quick, Name Biggest Workplace Legal Issue of 2010 So Far

What is the biggest employment law challenge employers have been facing thus far in 2010? An easy answer might be health care reform since companies have indeed started wrestling with whether to grandfather their benefits plans or strike off in a new direction under new sets of rules and regulations. But for many employment law […]

Riding herd on FMLA abuse

by Charles S. Plumb Understanding and applying the rules of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) causes employers and HR professionals untold frustration — frustration that’s heightened by employees who unfairly take advantage of the Act and its complexities. Here are some practical suggestions for enforcing the FMLA and cutting down on FMLA abuse […]