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3 Game-Changers in the L&D Industry

As you may already be aware, learning and development (L&D) will be one of the most innovative departments over the course of the next decade, primarily because of the new technology that L&D departments will use and implement moving forward.


8 Instructional Design Tips for E-Learning

The e-learning industry is projected to be worth around $325 billion within the next half decade—and for very good reason. E-learning initiatives lead to increased employee retention rates, increased revenues, and more, and nearly all (98%) companies will invest in e-learning by next year, especially digital and video content, according to one company’s research.


9 Essentials Your Workplace Learning Apps Need in 2019

Mobile learning will continue to trend upward at a staggering pace inside and across workplaces in 2019, and it is currently projected to be worth $37.6 billion by 2020. And one of the mobile learning trends that will dominate in 2019 in particular is app-based learning.


How to Use Chatbots for Learning and Development

In the new year and beyond, you’ll start to see chatbots being used for more and more things across various industries. And once you’ve read “3 Reasons Why L&D and HR Pros Should Use Chatbots,” you’ll want to start using them right away. But how? Keep reading for more information.  


3 Reasons Why L&D and HR Pros Should Use Chatbots

According to one Gartner report, by 2021, chatbots will take over, with more than 50% of enterprises spending more per annum on bots and chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development. And this is especially the case for competitive learning and development (L&D) and Human Resources (HR) departments, which will rely heavily on chatbots.