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Infographic: It Cost How Much to Employ All Those Elves?

We all know the high costs associated with employee turnover—roughly $450 to $550 billion a year, which is why it’s vital you offer new hires a good onboarding experience, as well as a great company culture to keep them sticking around.

Fired Chef Takes to Twitter on Company Account

Twitter has been a hot topic in our HR Strange But True! column lately. In most cases, it was about employees—or should we say ex-employees—posting something they shouldn’t. Take, for example, the employee who tried to buy drugs via tweet, or congressional aides who were fired for tweeting about drinking on the job. And how […]

Wage and Hour: How Do We Sort Out Holiday Pay?

We’re having trouble getting our holiday pay policy clarified. If our employees don’t work on a holiday, they get paid straight time for their normal hours for the holiday. If they do work on a holiday, do they get time and one-half for the hours worked on the holiday plus the straight time holiday pay? […]