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5 Tips for Employers to Effectively Manage Open Enrollment

Open enrollment season for employee benefits can be frustrating for employers and employees alike. Employees are often overwhelmed with information and need assistance. Employers dread the additional administrative work that comes anytime employee benefits are in flux.


3 Quick Training Tips: Remote Presentations

In the modern business world, communications technology combined with organizations that have a global presence have made remote presentations commonplace. It can be a challenge to present training materials to an audience that isn’t physically in the same room as you. Here are a few strategies for success from Brad Karsh, CEO and founder of […]

Sexting at Work

As technology advances, employers and employees alike are finding an increasingly blurred line between work life and home life. This often means that work time spills into personal time and vice versa. Nowhere is this more prevalent than the fact that many employees use the same phones both at work and at home—raising a whole […]

Got 1 Hour to Kill? Let’s Do Lunch!

How do you spend your lunch break? That was one of the questions Fooda—an office lunch service company—asked in its recent survey. According to the survey, people who work in the communication and media industry tend to take the longest breaks (approximately 58 minutes), while people in the food and beverage industry tend to take […]

3 Elements of Selling Your Compensation Plan to Employees

When he addressed strategy for communicating a compensation plan to a company’s sales force, Joseph DiMisa recognized the irony of selling the plan to the sales force. After all, these folks recognize a sales strategy when they see one.

How Professional Women Can Command the Room

HRDA is reporting from the SHRM conference in Washington, D.C. Jennifer Lee, of JB Training Solutions says that learning how to command the room might come natural to some professional women, but for others, it takes a little bit of work. In today’s Advisor, we’ll hear from Lee with tips for how women executives can […]


Developing a Healthcare Education Campaign Strategy for Employees (Part 1)

By Caitlin Far, senior communications consultant, Burnham Benefits Insurance Services With the unemployment rate now below five percent, workers feeling more confident about leaving their current position in search of a new situation, and job openings expanding, employers are increasingly relying on the power of their benefit packages to not only attract talent, but retain […]

Employee Communication: The Missing Piece in The HR Technology Landscape

By Steve L. Adams, CEO of Navera Driven by the needs of today’s tech savvy, multigenerational, and geographically distributed workforce, organizations and their HR professionals are looking for new ways to get employees the information they need—how they want it, when they want it, and where they want it.