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Businesses Must See Remote Work as a Permanent Solution, Not a Survival Strategy

Businesses have spent most of this year focused on training, installing, and otherwise improving their remote work capabilities. But being functionally capable of working remotely is just the first phase of what promises to be a worldwide revolution deemphasizing offices and placing more importance on productivity. As millions of workers prepare for the new normal […]


What Are Commuter Benefits?

Commuter benefits, as the name implies, are benefits offered to employees that have some relation to the costs and hassle of commuting to the workplace.

Schumer to Introduce Transit Parity Bill

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said that he was planning to introduce a bill to make permanent the parity between parking and transit tax breaks. Schumer argues that programs that make commuting less expensive should be protected, particularly in a time of economic hardship. The matter strikes close to home for Schumer, since his constituents include […]