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Working hard or working smart? Take a break to figure it out

It’s a rare boss who expects workers to spend hours constantly on task without taking the occasional 10- or 15-minute break to rest and recharge. But tell that to employees who, because of workplace culture or their own insecurities, think their careers will suffer if they’re not knocking themselves out every minute of the day. […]

Willful blindness: a leadership and cultural downfall

by Brad Federman Willful blindness is a legal term that means there is information you could and should know but have elected not to know. Deliberate indifference and contrived ignorance also are used to describe the phenomenon. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of willful blindness in the world today. Willful blindness causes the downfall […]


Getting past the shortcomings of employee engagement

Employers tout the importance of an engaged workforce—a place where employees are devoted, eager, interested in their jobs and happy to boot. But how much of a payoff does a nominally engaged workforce provide? Can an engaged workforce still be steeped in drama that holds an organization back?   Nicole Price, vice president of training for […]

The role of leadership in creating transgender-inclusive workplaces

by Dr. Jamison Green Corporate leaders agree that diverse and inclusive workplaces are more productive, versatile, and adaptive in a changing marketplace. But often, when managers think of gender diversity, they think only about gender parity between men and women, or about opening traditionally male occupations to women, or vice versa. Creating a transgender-inclusive workplace […]

Building an ethical culture: What HR needs to know

Human resources professionals spend a lot of time working to create a respectful work environment. Much of that effort is necessary to stay in compliance with antidiscrimination and other workplace laws, but a true focus on ethics goes beyond legal compliance.  Susan Alevas, an attorney, management consultant, and president of Alevas Consulting Group, Inc., recently […]

Steve Jobs, ‘product guys’ and ‘sales guys,’ and your payroll

I have a complicated relationship with thick biographies. Intellectually, I know I should sit there and wade my way through the thick prose devoted to men and women of great consequence. In a way, it’s like broccoli: “Go on, eat it – it’ll be good for you, and what do you mean, ‘I’m not hungry’?”  […]

Culture of Fun, Teamwork, Social Activities Help Employees Feel Connected to Company

Ghosts and goblins fill the halls of Lois Paul & Partners (LP&P) for the annual Halloween party, but employees’ children will not be the only ones decked out in costumes. Each year, the Boston-based public relations agency invites employees to bring their children in costume to visit the office, participate in a “Halloween Parade,” and […]

Disability Etiquette: A Primer

The Disability Access Office in San Antonio, Texas, has published The Disability Etiquette Handbook. The handbook, which is on the web, covers a variety of issues. We thought we’d give you a sample. Reception Etiquette Greeting someone with a disability often makes a person without a disability awkward and uncomfortable. That doesn’t make you a […]

Zappos’ Jamie Naughton’s Advice on Hiring, Retention

Q&A with Jamie Naughton, Cruise Ship Captain at Zappos.com Q: What’s the secret to getting on Fortune‘s “100 Best Companies to Work for in America” list? A: I don’t know if there’s a secret but I do know what they look for. Two thirds of the score is based solely off of what your employees […]