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Free Compensation Report: Top 100 FLSA Overtime Q&As

The Compensation Daily Advisor® announced today the release of a free report for compensation professionals, Top 100 FLSA Overtime Q&As. This report provides employers with an examination of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulations in Q&A format, including tips for bringing workplaces into compliance in an affordable manner. It will be available […]

Top 10 Must Reads from Compensation Daily Advisor

Flex—’Nice-to-Have’ or Business Imperative?“Flexibility is a business imperative,” says consultant Diane Burrus. It’s not “Nice-to-have,” it’s a results-based business strategy. Her practical tips in today’s Advisor. Catch Me If You Can Compensation? DOL Says ‘I Caught You’Employers can say “Catch me if you can,” but they had better be ready to explain their decisions when […]

Social Media Background Checks—Yes or No?

First of all, what’s the controversy? Con: Checks Are Dangerous   Experts against doing social media background checks say that they are dangerous, for several reasons: In doing these checks, you’re bound to find out information about applicants that you don’t want, such as race, religion, age, etc. Even though it’s obtained innocently, that information […]