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Wellness: The Other Big Trend in Health Plans

More and more companies are finding that the way to cut their health insurance costs is to develop wellness plans to keep employees from getting sick in the first place. A new BLR book and audio conference will inform you about these programs … or help you set one up. Yesterday’s Advisor informed you of […]

Mini-Med Health Plans to the Rescue!

If traditional health insurance plan costs have skyrocketed out of sight but you still want to help your workers, mini-med plans may be the answer. Here’s what you need to know about them. Perhaps you’ve seen the TV ad where the actor on-screen says, “I’m thinking of a number. Can you guess what it is?” […]

Nonexempt Employee Travel Time: When Do You Have to Pay?

The rules on paying nonexempt employees for travel time can get pretty convoluted. BLR’s Employee Compensation in [Your State] explains them. Yesterday’s article on topics relating to summer HR issues talked about the government’s rules relating to paying nonexempt employees on-call. We answered the question of whether you really have to pay an employee sitting […]

Compensation: Workers Think Execs Are Overpaid

Thirty-nine percent of workers say senior executives earn more than they should, according to a survey by the staffing firm Hudson. The survey, which included 10,000 respondents, found that while 64 percent of workers said executive pay should be tied to company performance, just 38 percent of employees say the practice is applied at their […]

Handling Employees Summoned for Jury Duty

John, a regular full-time employee of BigCo, received a jury summons from federal court. Upon learning he had to appear for jury duty, he called Jamie, BigCo’s human resources representative, to find out what he needed to do. Jamie told him that he needed to take personal leave for his absence. After hearing John complaining, […]

Just How Much Should HR Professionals Be Paid?

HR salaries are rising, but how much does that mean in dollar terms at companies like yours in your area? Here’s a program to find out. Yesterday’s Advisor reported that HR salaries have risen sharply in recent years for those who have the skill sets companies are now looking for. Those skills go beyond the […]

HR Salaries Jumping Up … But There Is a Catch

A consultant survey says that HR people have the opportunity to greatly increase their pay these days, but only if they develop the skills that merit such raises. What level of salary increase is in your company’s plans for the coming year? Probably about 3 percent to 4 percent, if you fall within national averages. […]

Compensation and Benefits: Know What Your Competitors Are Up To

In a tight labor market, you need to stay aware of what compensation and benefits your competitors are offering. Here’s a way to do it … at the click of a mouse. Yesterday’s Daily Advisor detailed a study by the Charlton Consulting Group on how employees greatly underestimate the cost of benefits to employers. The […]

‘Benefits? They Don’t Cost the Company Much!’

Surveys show workers greatly underestimate your cost of providing their benefits … and that there’s one “bennie” they won’t give up, whatever the cost to you or them. Health insurance … life insurance … disability … vision care … dental … the list goes on. Did you ever wonder where the idea of having employers […]

HRDA News Extra: How the Federal Minimum Wage Increase Will Affect You

Because of interactions with state law, the federal minimum wage increase, which takes effect July 24, will have different effects on the various states. BLR Editor Sean Dean prepared the following state-by-state analysis for the subscription website, HR.BLR.com. We’re happy to bring it to HRDA readers as well. After years of debate, President Bush finally […]