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Metrics ‘Gotchas’—Blindsided in the C-Suite

Even with the best of metrics, you’re not home free, says Attorney James P. Greene. Once top management starts in on your stats, you won’t likely escape unscathed. Be prepared to be hit with these common “gotchas.” Greene, a member of the Ann Arbor, Michigan, office of the law firm Dykema Gossett, and director of […]

What Are HR Managers Worth?

As we come to the end of this tumultuous year, it might be a good time to ponder your worth as an HR manager. Today’s Advisor gives you some statistics from BLS and BLR, to get you started. The federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides a wealth of data on salaries for HR […]

2009 Pay Increase Survey: Results

Following a drop of more than 2,000 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in early October, we surveyed our readers to find out whether employers were revising their pay increases planned for 2009. Between October 24 and October 29, we received 518 responses. Below are the results of the survey. (Read the full story […]

Incentives or Disincentives? More Mistakes That Send Salespeople Packing

Salespeople need incentives, but it’s all too easy to “incent” your top performers out the door. Today, more common mistakes and an introduction to a compensation management program that can answer all your comp questions. Yesterday’s Advisor detailed 6 sales force compensation strategies that actually work against your company’s best interests, according to Alan McAnally, […]

How to Incentivize Your Best Salespeople … to Leave

Sales compensation should be easy, but it’s often done wrong, says Alan McAnally, president of SalesComp America. He highlights the compensation mistakes that actually encourage the best salespeople to leave. Is your sales compensation program actually sabotaging your results? It probably is, if it’s guilty of the frequently committed faux pas detailed below. They’re recounted […]

How Much Should You Pay For Employee ‘Happiness?’

A recent Gallup study shows the higher the compensation, the happier the employee. Happy employees build business success. But where’s the limit? A classic resource may help you find it. Everyone wants happy employees, right? Happy employees are productive, inventive, and supportive of all you do. Yesterday, we gave you one tool to make them […]

The Pension Protection Act (PPA): What HR Managers Must Know

When the CEO asks “How will the Pension Protection Act of 2006 affect us?”, you need to know the answer. A special November 1 BLR audio conference will help you answer. Yesterday’s Advisor laid out some of the positive benefits of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA). We discussed how the law made provisions […]

The Pension Protection Act (PPA): New Opportunities for Employers

Massive revisions in the Pension Protection Act have opened the door to automatically enroll every employee or to pay retirement benefits even as senior members of your team keep working. Here’s what you need to know about these new PPA-driven opportunities. Employers are generally leery of anything coming out of Washington that affects them. But […]

Annual BLR Survey Results: How Big Will Raises Be in 2008?

BLR’s exclusive survey says that once again, the byword will be “no more than four.” And if you want more detail, we’ve got that, too. Fall is traditionally when organizations plan next year’s budget. A key component—in many cases, the key component—is how small or large a wage increase to plan for your people. One […]

Wellness: The Other Big Trend in Health Plans

More and more companies are finding that the way to cut their health insurance costs is to develop wellness plans to keep employees from getting sick in the first place. A new BLR book and audio conference will inform you about these programs … or help you set one up. Yesterday’s Advisor informed you of […]