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Make Compliance a Priority with These 5 Online Training Hacks

Most organizations already understand the importance of compliance training. Even if they aren’t experts on the subject, they at least know the fees and penalties associated with violating applicable laws and regulations. Its value comes down to dollars and cents, which is why it’s so surprising that many companies view compliance training as merely a […]

The FMLA/CFRA Designation Notice Requirement

Yesterday, we looked at the first three phases of family leave notice you’re required to provide your employees under the FMLA guidelines. Today, the fourth, plus an introduction to a comprehensive, fully updated resource on leaves — specifically for California employers — you’ll turn to again and again.

“Let’s Keep the Temp Instead”

Yesterday, we looked at some of the reasons that fathers don’t like to take time off, including the fear of losing their jobs. Today, we’ll look at why that’s sometimes a valid concern for both men and women on family leave — particularly when a superstar temp takes over the job. “I’ll Keep the Temp” […]