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Only compromise will pull us from cliff’s edge

by Dan Oswald Have you ever been in a meeting where two executives face off, each on the opposite side of a critical issue? You watch the debate like you would a tennis match, with each participant knocking the issue back to the other side. As they volley back and forth, the debate picks up […]


Decide, Commit, Then Deal with Results

Last night, my wife and I were discussing our respective personalities and those of our three children. I must say that my wife views some of my personality traits more harshly than I do. Things that I consider strengths don’t sound quite as positive when I hear her describe them. On some things we do […]


New E-Verify Rule for Federal Contractors Delayed

Update: E-verify deadline moved to September 2009 Federal contractors have been given at least a temporary reprieve from the E-Verify regulations that were set to go into effect January 15. Under the plan, the contractors would be required to begin using the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services E-Verify system to ensure that their employees are […]