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Disgruntled employees: What are the risks, what are the remedies?

HR professionals know the tips and tricks to keep from making bad hires. There’s never any certainty, but smart professionals armed with strong interviewing skills and solid job descriptions stand a better than good chance of weeding out bad hires on the front end. But what does the savvy HR pro do about “bad quits” […]

Calculating Damages from Misappropriation of Confidential Information

By Thora Sigurdson We all know that, where applicable, it’s important to take care in drafting confidentiality, noncompetition, and nonsolicitation terms in employment, contractor, and other agreements. A recent case in British Columbia, Cruise Connections Canada v. Cancellieri, reminds us of the value of having a “duty of good faith” clause. It also illustrates how […]

Trade Secrets, Confidential Information, and Employee Theft

by John Vering A recent national survey found that 59 percent of employees who quit or were laid off or terminated in the last 12 months admitted to stealing company data, and 67 percent admitted to using their former employer’s confidential data to find a new job. Read on to learn what you can do […]

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractors: A Sample Agreement A written independent contractor agreement can be essential to document the mutual understanding between you and the contractor that the person is not an employee. Below is a sample general agreement that you can use. A word of caution: Before using the form, be sure to consult with your lawyer […]