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Can You Keep a Secret: Bridgerton and the Need for Employee Confidentiality Agreements

I must admit that I could not resist and fell prey to Netflix’s currently most watched and definitely most binge-worthy series to date: Bridgerton. For those who are not part of the record-breaking 82 million (and counting) people who have enthusiastically (read: obsessively) watched the series, Bridgerton is a period drama set in Regency-era London, […]

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Can I Tell My Employee to Please Shut Up? Well, It Depends

Sometimes the school-teacher refrains “everyone be quiet” or “back to your corners” can feel like an excellent tool for managing employees. Be aware of the possible pitfalls, however, when you ask them to avoid certain topics of conversation or behave in a particular way.

Losing More Than Just an Employee: Protecting Confidential Information

by Rachel Blue Lately, we’ve seen a lot of employees walking out of buildings and plants with boxes of framed photos from their desks or lockers, and maybe a severance check in an envelope. The job cuts this time are deeper, and the next job may be further away than in the past. As a […]